Periodontal treatment

periodontal pigmentation is a procedure performed for patients who have brown or black pigmentation in the periodontal instead of the natural pink color, and the reason for excessive production of melanin is due to smoking or drinking stimulants permanently.
Whatever the reason, dark periodontal spoil the quality and beauty of the smile, now it is possible to get a pleasant pink periodontal healthy with a simple procedure to remove periodontal pigmentation.

How to treat periodontal of all kinds ?

  •  Red gum.
  • Swollen periodontal.
  • Painful periodontal
  • The periodontal that recede or pull away from the teeth, making them appear longer than before.
  • Loose or vibrating teeth
  • Pigmentation in the periodontal.
  • Persistent bad breath.

Why should you treat periodontal treatment ?

  • In the early stages, the infection is confined to the periodontal.If left untreated, this gradually moves to the bones and teeth and leads to their erosion, and eventually, the teeth lose their vital support for the bones and the teeth begin to vibrate In place.
  • At this stage, one may have difficulty performing simple tasks such as chewing due to loose teeth, and also suffer from persistent bad breath; Therefore, the earlier the patient seeks treatment, the less damage will be.

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