Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening?

The laser teeth whitening process is done after consulting the doctor and his assessment that the case requires a procedure,

And then you start preparing to undergo a laser whitening session, but there are some steps that are taken first before the procedure.

  • By removing any deposits and food residues stuck between the teeth and in the mouth, then the doctor will protect your gums,

By applying it with a specific gel designed to cover and protect the gums while using the laser.


Using a laser device, a bleaching substance is placed on the teeth, and then the laser device is applied to the teeth,

Which stimulates the work of the bleaching material increases its effectiveness and the process is completed in the least time.


  • There are some cases that are not subject to the teeth whitening process, and this is what the doctor approves after examining the teeth,
    As the teeth that are very brown or tend to black are not affected by the laser, but they need cosmetic procedures other than laser.
  • It is worth noting that teeth whitening operations are suitable for all ages and are not limited to a certain age, but it is not recommended for children
    In order to avoid any kind of allergy


There are many ways to whiten teeth, and it is not limited to laser only
Teeth whitening with cosmetic veneers:


  • Veneers are a thin layer that is placed on the outer surface of the teeth to completely change their shape and give them luster and shine.
    And that without cold work or miniaturization of the original teeth.

And the ceramic veneers are glued to two sessions only, where measurements are taken in the first session and then glued in the second session.
This is without the patient feeling any pain, although he was not given anesthetic, which is evidence of its lack of danger, as it is very simple and does not cause any pain.
This method is suitable for all patients except for people who have teeth suffering from caries disease.
If the dentist installs ceramic veneers in the presence of caries, this will lead to the spread of caries in all teeth,
Likewise, patients who press their teeth during sleep and put their teeth under high pressure should quit this habit,
After that, the operation is performed to ensure the success of this operation


Teeth whitening with veneers:

The veneers are a thin layer of special porcelain that looks exactly like ophthalmic contact lenses in thickness and is designed to suit each patient,
The doctor sticks it on the outside of each tooth, which gives the patient a wonderful and beautiful smile for the patient.

One of the most important features of veneers

  • It is the high ability to beautify the teeth and give them an unparalleled luster and shine.
  • Also, the teeth whitening process with veneers does not require an anesthetic syringe to drill, cold or prepare the teeth.
  • Also, its basic color does not change over time and is pasted using laser technology and not with any substance that may affect human health,

Therefore, veneers are an ideal way to give the teeth a beautiful, beautiful shape.


Teeth whitening with dental luminizer

  • Dental Lumineer is one of the effective ways to whiten teeth, as it gives guaranteed results, whitening the teeth and changing the shape of the smile dramatically, and it is intended for most patients who suffer from dental problems due to its great ability to whiten the teeth.
  • Lumineer is a thin layer of zirconium that is prepared in the lab by specialized devices, so it is completely identical to natural teeth.
  • The process of teeth whitening with luminaire takes place in only two sessions, a session in which the doctor takes measurements and a session in which he installs the veneers,

After that, the patient can go about his life normally without facing any speech problems or pain in the gums.

  • It is a completely safe method and does not have any complications, so it is intended by most people who want to have a wonderful and attractive smile, such as the one called Hollywood smile.

As for laser teeth whitening:

It has become one of the easy ways not only to get white teeth, but to maintain the integrity of the teeth and mouth.

The laser teeth whitening process has gone through many stages of development during the research carried out by dentists in search of solutions to the problems of tooth discoloration.

In the past, peeling gel and peeling stickers were used to treat yellowing of the teeth, and some cases were resorting to the installation of a dental crown,

Now, the laser whitening process is the most widely used.

The idea behind the laser teeth whitening process is to peel the outer layer of the teeth in an attempt to remove the pigments that have occurred on the teeth,

As well as removing the calcareous layers that formed on it to reach the white color of the teeth.


When do we resort to teeth whitening?

There are many reasons for which a person resorts to teeth whitening operations. Some begin to monitor their teeth and the changes in their color, causing them embarrassment

And he tries to solve it, so he resorts to bleaching in order to maintain the color of the teeth bright white.

In short, the teeth whitening process is important in both cases, whether it is a desire to whiten your teeth or a desire to maintain the integrity of your teeth and mouth together, so we recommend checking the teeth periodically and taking a doctor’s advice on it.

Cases that need teeth whitening:


Smokers are the group whose teeth are most affected by noticeable changes that start to yellow, and with heavy smoking, we find that the teeth may turn from their natural white color to black, which provokes the dissatisfaction of their owners.


Also, among the cases that need teeth whitening are people who have advanced in age because of age, the teeth lose a large proportion of the calcium in them.

It begins to erode and changes color to brown, and the bleaching process restores its luster and whiteness.


Caffeine addicts

Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and Nescafe cause yellowing of the teeth.
As well as soft drinks cause weak teeth due to their negative impact on calcium.

some patients

There are some pathological cases, examples of people with high blood pressure or allergic diseases, and others, which cause some types of therapeutic drugs that are taken in these cases to change the color of the teeth and yellowing.


Diabetics have many situations with the teeth, where diabetes noticeably affects the teeth and they begin to erode and change their color to black or brown, which makes them urgently need bleaching, which works to restore their bright color and treat them.

Advantages of using laser in teeth whitening :

  • It saves a lot of time and effort that is used in other traditional methods that may not give any result or do not make any change in the color of the teeth.
  • The patient can notice the result of the whitening process by himself immediately after only one session.

Important tips before undergoing laser teeth whitening :

  • The need to pay attention to cleaning the teeth and washing them with the appropriate toothpaste and brush after consulting the doctor about the best types of toothpaste, And the number of times to brush the teeth should not be less than twice a day.
  • Completely abstain from smoking, as it is the main cause of tooth destruction, staining and discoloration.
    It is also advised to pay attention to the correct nutrition for the safety of teeth and try to eat foods that contain a high percentage of calcium.
  • Reducing as much as possible dark-colored drinks such as tea and coffee, as they contain substances that help stain teeth,
    As well as reducing or staying away from soft drinks as much as possible because of their negative impact on the teeth.
  • Resorting to the doctor from time to time to conduct an examination on the teeth to check on them, because this will avoid you from many future problems, It is also recommended to get rid of food residues between the teeth using dental floss.
    Pay attention to the use of a mouthwash to get rid of any causes of tooth stains, as well as get rid of the accumulations that remain in the mouth and eliminate germs,
    To be at least twice daily.



Laser teeth whitening at IDS Clinics for Integrated Solutions :

When it comes to choosing the place where the laser teeth whitening sessions will take place, you may be confused and anxious,
But with IDS Integrated Dental Solutions Clinics, you can rest assured, you will find the highest level of complete care with a group of specialized and distinguished medical team.
If you want to get whiter and shiny teeth like the teeth of Hollywood stars, it has become easy with Integrated Dental Solutions clinics specialized in treating all dental problems.
The number of sessions each patient undergoes varies according to his condition and is determined at the discretion of the physician.


At IDS Dental Clinic we offer a solution to all oral problems

Treatments for the mouth, gums and teeth and treatment of dental and nerve roots


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