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What is transparent orthodontics

It is an orthodontic for the jaw made of an easy-to-clean material, which is plastic or another transparent material called acrylic, and is used in simple cases such as simple warping of the teeth or any problem that does not require strong treatment to tighten the teeth, as in the strong protrusion of the jaw, whether the upper or lower

transparent orthodontic shape

  1. The shape of the transparent braces, it is made of a transparent material that resembles the natural structure of the affected jaw, whether the upper or lower jaw, and it is installed according to the sizes of the teeth taken from each patient by the specialized dentist in the integrated dental solutions clinics, who sent them to the orthodontic manufacturing centers
  2. This calendar does not have chains or any metal pieces as we have noted and promised in the traditional metal calendar, which facilitates the process of removing it whenever a person wants to, whether for eating foods or for another reason

When do teeth need straightening in general?

  1. In cases of teeth that are very far apart from each other, whether it is the upper jaw or the lower jaw
  2. Crowded jaw or overlapping teeth, which makes the affected person unable to close the jaw
  3. Those with jaws that protrude forward, which prevents the mouth from closing
  4. Uneven or crooked teeth
  5. In some accidents, the teeth may have problems and need to be straightened

How to make a transparent calendar

  1. It depends on the problem that the patient suffers from, and the dentist in the integrated solutions clinics depends on the transparent braces if the case has a slight crookedness, as we mentioned previously, to take the distances and sizes of the jaw to be sent to the competent centers
  2. The Integrated Solution Clinics Center manufactures transparent braces based on the sizes sent to them
  3. Transparent braces are prepared with 3D techniques
  4. There is no problem in installing the orthodontic for the patient, as there is no need to paste it or connect it through metal lines like traditional orthodontics, which can be removed and installed

transparent calendar features

  1. Ease of removal and installation does not require an adhesive substance to be attached to the teeth, but it can be installed without sticking it, as well as it can be removed whenever you like
  2. It can be easily cleaned by taking it off and cleaning it is made of cleanable plastic or acrylic
  3. Made of transparent material like plastic
  4. The clear silver metallic shape that accompanies you is not always visible in your teeth, but you can remove it on occasions and during photography
  5. It is best for those who suffer from a very simple problem that does not need to put a metal braces

The duration of placing transparent braces on the teeth

  1. It is not possible to know precisely how long the braces will remain on your teeth. It depends on the extent to which the teeth have improved each time from the previous time.
  2. In most cases, this may take only ten weeks, and in case of improvement, it is removed

The difference between transparent braces and metal braces

  1. For those looking for a charming smile and an aesthetic appearance even during the treatment period, the ideal solution for them is the transparent braces, due to its many advantages that it is easy to clean and easy to remove and install, while the disadvantage of transparent braces is its high cost
  2. As for those who need strong teeth tightening and moving them accurately in the right directions, the solution for them is the metal braces, but this does not prevent the fact that the metal braces may cause ulcers and wounds in the gums and sometimes bleeding

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