What is the dental implant process

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What is the dental implant process ?

  • Dental implants are the third option and the latest alternative to replace lost teeth.

This method is considered the most successful because it does not affect in any way the teeth and surrounding tissues.

Dental implants compensate for the roots of the lost teeth through titanium supports.

To ensure the success of dental implants, certain conditions must be met.


What are the conditions for dental implants :

  1. The patient should be free from some diseases that affect the condition of the bones, such as advanced cases of diabetes and osteoporosis.
  2. The presence of an appropriate amount of jaw bones, as this type of bone is considered a functional type, which is often eroded when a tooth is lost.
  3. To ensure the success of the implantation process, the lost bone must first be replaced and then the implantation should be completed.
  4. Ensure the distance of the bone in which the tooth is to be implanted from the sinuses and jaw nerves, and this is the task of the dentist, as it is evaluated by analyzes and x-rays.
  5. Of course, maintaining and maintaining oral and dental health.


How to start the dental implant process :

  1. After the patient makes the decision to implant and choose the best dental implant center in Egypt, the dentist at the Integrated Solutions Clinic begins a complete examination of the patient’s mouth.
  2. The examination is done on a regular basis, not much different from the periodic and routine examinations, in addition to performing CT scans of the jaws, panoramic rays, and sometimes blood and calcium analyzes.
  3. Examination of adjacent teeth and oral health in general is very important, as a clean oral environment must be provided to receive dental implants. The doctor alerts the doctor to the appropriate instructions to maintain oral and dental hygiene and guides the patient to adopt healthy social habits such as quitting smoking or reducing it temporarily during the operation. Agriculture.


What is the dental implant method?

  1. The implant body, which is the part that is implanted in the jaw and consists of titanium metal that is completely safe and quickly fused with the jawbone.
  2. It is considered the compensating part for the root of the missing tooth.
  3. Its diameter and length vary according to the location and size of the missing tooth and the number of implants adjacent to it.
  4. The shutter screw is placed over the implant body after the implantation stage is completed.
  5. The healing cap, which is a temporary covering over the implant body and the closure screw, remains until the new tooth is installed.
  6. The prosthetic part, which is the new tooth that is installed and attached to the implant body.


Types and features of agriculture :

  • Dental implants are closer to natural teeth and are not exposed to decay and do not feel any sensitivity to foods, whether cold or hot.
  • It is the best and ideal solution in the event of a complete loss of teeth as an alternative to moving dentures.
  • Safe and successful by 98% as a result of the tremendous development in the field of dentistry and the use of the latest devices in our clinic.


There is more than one type of dental implants :

  1. Transplantation over the bone.
  2. Intraosseous implantation.
  3. Two-stage cultivation.
  4. One-stage cultivation.
  5. Mini dental implants.
  6. Immediate cultivation.
  7. Dental implants are done with normal surgery or with a laser.


What is laser dental implants :

  1. One of the types of dental implants is a minimally invasive intervention without resorting to traditional surgical work through a scalpel
  2. It can be used in all areas where there is sufficient bone.
  3. This process is done by expanding the bone through making a hole inside the gum of a certain size and depth so that its diameter does not exceed 5 mm.
  4. This opening is prepared by using known types of laser on the gums in the area that will be opened
  5. This method provides the patient with the highest level of comfort, as well as the highest degree of recovery and wound healing after the completion of the operation.
  6. The laser has thermal advantages that work on instant blood clotting and fusion of the cut parts of the gums and bone.


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