Who IDS ?

The vision and goals of Integrated Dental Solutions Clinics represent our passion to achieve the best care and service for our patients. We strive to make patients' visits to us an enjoyable experience as part of our commitment to the work values of the center.

The Mission

The clinics should be a professional dental treatment facility that works constantly to exceed the expectations of patients and staff

The Vision

The clinics are characterized as the best dental treatment center in providing care and services to patients and clients

Work Values

Integrated Dental Solutions Clinics was established on the basis of fundamental principles and values with a future orientation, which are:

The Quality

We are committed to maintaining and achieving the highest quality standards through continuous evaluation and work to improve our results.


We welcome change, encourage new ideas and are constantly looking for the best and most efficient way to achieve our goals.


We collaborate and share knowledge to benefit patients in order to advance our mission.


We adhere to high ethical principles and professional standards through commitment, honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency.

The Service

We strive to exceed our patients' expectations for comfort and convenience.


We always demonstrate our commitment to patients by providing them with a caring and supportive environment

Why Us

Because we work with commitment towards business values that reflect Integrated Dental Solutions Clinics at their best. It guides our actions every day as we strive to achieve our mission and vision. Our values at work do not describe us, they are the principles we live by every day.